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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ensure the privacy of your applications with Touch ID

There are times in our lives where we have to give away our mobile device to the people around us, whether we want to show them a song or to make a call. However, many of these people are not part of our inner circle, so we would not want them to walk fiddling with options and seeing things that do not really matter to them .

If you have an iPhone and have "confidential" information stored on it, you will like to know you can block apps with Touch ID, which will make it impossible for them to get out of a particular app if you do not have your footprint, a tool that is both useful and very safe . In this article we will show you how to do it very simply.

1. Enable Guided Access

Enable guided access
In addition to blocking the outputs of the applications, we will also be able to disable certain parts of the application interface. To perform this process, we just have to follow the following instructions :
1) We enter the settings of your iPhone.
2) Here, we turn to General and then Accessibility .
3) Once inside, we played in the option Access guided , located in the lower part of the menu. Herein we activate the option using the small switch.
4) Now we see three more options within driven access , which will be: Settings code, time limits, and quick accessibility function . The first one will be used to activate the Touch ID, and the last one so that we can access the Guided Access menu faster from any application. The second option we will not play.

Once we have set everything up in the last step, there is only one small thing left to do.

2. It's almost there!

Protect id touch apps
We have everything ready to finally block the applications of our preference. We just have to perform the following steps :
1) We open the app you want to lock and press the Home button three times to open the guided access.
2) We will now see the application window like a screenshot. Within this menu, press in the button Start is at the top right.
3) At this point we introduce a code of our choice , which will serve as an alternative to Touch ID. Once this is done, we will have the lock working in our app.
When we want to exit the application you're using, iOS will request a code or failing to make use of the Touch ID . Whenever we want to make this option work, we will have to follow these last three steps.

IPhone 5S Touch ID
If your classmates or work are very nosy, here's the perfect solution for when you want to use your mobile for extracurricular tasks.
Do you intend to use this feature? Leave your answer in the comments!

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