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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

EU withdraws geoblocking to use Netflix abroad

Since the European Union are trying to implement their plan to comply with the new laws to remove geographical barriers to enjoy online services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Apple Music.

Elimination of barriers in 2018

At the time when these regulations come into force early next year, we can access our online services without problems, as long as they are within the European Union .
This would imply that a Spanish person subscribes to Netflix but goes on vacation, for example, to France. Thus, Netflix should request permission to access content from Spain so that it can see in France.
The rules of music and video services online close their services to the country of origin of the user , preventing that can be used outside the original country through searches of IP addresses.
With this new policy, customers can continue to enjoy the original series of their country without any problem. The services will become more flexible and user friendly .

Netflix will continue to offer the same services

With this does not mean that Netflix universalize all contents of all countries into one. If a customer subscribes to a country, they will only have access to the content of that country
Today, Netflix prohibits any user from playing content if they notice that it is being played from another country.
"Today's agreement will bring benefits to Europeans. People who have subscribed to their favorite series, and music in the country can continue to enjoy it while traveling through Europe. This is important to break down barriers in the digital single market new step , said vice president of digital Brussels, Andrus Ansip.
There are still some problems concerning the multi-user accounts , and it is unclear as Netflix identify the country of origin, if user itself, or by the owner of the account.
When these measures are implemented, the problems reported by users when traveling through Europe will disappear, and they will be able to follow their favorite series from there.
A very good idea on the part of the European Union, do not you think?

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