Thursday, February 16, 2017

Even if you are not Batman, Siri will be your Alfred

The virtual assistant Siri also known as Apple has spent months in the laboratories of Cupertino with a clear objective: to make it the most intelligent assistant market . Neither Alexa nor Google Assistant nor Bixby nor anyone else can shade you. If a few months ago the Google Assistant almost took away the colors , the investment in artificial intelligence and its data collection via iCloud seem to be giving the expected results.
But there is not the thing left. In a risky maneuver, Apple has decided to go for a twist more introducing a little advertising , specifically the movie Batman Lego. We are not very clear that it is an economic matter but a pure sense of humor. And is that Siri and the engineers who develop it have always made clear their good sense of humor with their answers, as you can check in this post about the crazy talks , where it is difficult to live zero between zero.

And is that Apple encourages its users to challenge it as they do in the keynote to test it . But like everything Apple, transcends beyond everyday life impregnating everything, including the cinema. It seems that during the Lego film about Batman, Bruce Wayne invokes his computer through a voice command, something that if you want you can do with Siri using the same sentence. Of course, totally optional.
That is to say, it is not that Siri is going to include advertising during its use, as if it were an app - and it would lack more, that besides collecting our data and the price of the gadgets of the bite apple bombarded us with phrases like " Buy in Manolo "butcher shops, but if we want we can emulate Batman . A funny and clever marketing campaign to keep loyal customers showing Siri as well as intelligent is cool.
If you are wondering what the phrase is, there goes: "Hey Computer"
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