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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Facebook will allow you to sign up for job offers

The network of Mark Zuckerbeg, Facebook, is adding more and more features. Now you will be able to sign up for job offers.
At the moment the technological world moves by applications and social networks. While it is true that this can lead to a greater dependence on these tools and that we move for the likes or likes we receive, there are certain added features that can help us. Now Facebook will allow you to sign up for job offers, a function that adds to the forecast of the time that we have recently told you.

You can now sign up for job offers through Facebook

As we can see in the social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg , now this will allow us to visualize job offers as well as to enroll in them , taking the dimension of this social network to a new level. This functionality, which is still in evidence with a small number of US users, will be available at the moment only for the United States and Canada . In this way, through a new section called "Jobs", companies will be able to hang up offers that users can access and sign up for; Once the selection process has been completed, the entrepreneur can contact the candidate through Facebook Messenger to arrange the interview appointment.
Image owned by MacRumors
From the company have stated that this functionality is aimed primarily at small business owners to facilitate the task of finding the right profile for a specific job. As for those users who are looking to find work through the new functionality, the offers will appear on your wall on a regular basis and you can access them using an "Apply Now" button, which will allow you to fill in your details and sign up for The offer they think convenient.
As you see in the social networking company par excellence they continue to work to bring new tools to their users beyond contacting acquaintances and friends. Leave us in comments what you think of this tool and if you think it will be useful.

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