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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Features we would like to see in MacOS 10.13

There is still enough for the WWDC this year , where it is assumed that Apple will introduce macOS 10.13 and iOS 11. But it is not a bad time to do a review of our wishes for future versions.

The features we would like to see in MacOS 10.13

Earlier in the week I discussed what we would like to see in iOS 11 . Well now it 's up to macOS 10.13 . These are our desires, we would like to take as a reference Apple (which time is not).

New Disk Utility

Disk Utility is the application native to erase, partition and format it to our storage units. In this way, it becomes a very recurrent application.
The problem is that when they released OS X El Capitan updated this application . And why do I say it was a problem? Because although this application became more elegant and simple to use, it lost many features "professionals" who were very important. Therefore, the greater simplicity caused that there were things that now can not be done.
Well, our desire is that Apple update the application again. And at least re- implement all lost functions .

Dark mode for windows

Our second wish is that Apple will improve the dark mode macOS . Specifically, what we would see would be the possibility that the window frame also darken
We say this because sometimes out of tune the contrast of dark top menu and dock with clear window frames. Therefore, if it were also possible to darken the window frames, the contrast would be less noticeable.

Increased performance, protection and security

This is something we always want and that everyone wants.
An operating system with a higher performance and efficiency allows it to work better on the same hardware than an OS not optimized. Although macOS is already well optimized and is a very robust system, Apple still has room for improvement .
Where I do have to improve macOS is in the field of security . Formerly OS X was considered a very safe operating system, but recently there are security holes in the latest versions of this operating system. Although it is somewhat different than in Windows. In Microsoft Windows the biggest problem are viruses and malware in general (which so many problems give). Instead, in macOS the biggest problem are the vulnerabilities .

Renew some native apps

The first request to Apple for macOS 10.13 we ask in this article was the improvement of Disk Utility. Well, this can be generalized to all native applications .
In this way, we would like some native applications to be renewed. For example, Reminders might include sharing lists. That is, simple but useful improvements, just as they did with iMessage.

Further integration with Siri

Another thing we like to see in the next version of the Mac operating system would be a greater integration with Siri . While Apple has included Siri in Sierra MacOS, we believe the integration could be greater. In this way they could take further action affecting the Mac itself.
In addition, greater integration with the new is also grateful Touch Bar .

What feature would you like to see in MacOS 10.13?

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