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Friday, February 3, 2017

Find out that Apple forced the upgrade to iOS 7 to save payment to a provider

Many times the decisions made are not guided to achieve a major breakthrough for the company, or to stay ahead of competitors, sometimes those decisions that can take you are guided by the objective of saving a few dollars . This case so normal in many homes and businesses, has also happened in Apple. And it is that what has recently met the Cupertino would have forced the upgrade to iOS 7 to save the payment to a supplier . Here all the details.

Apple updated iOS 7 to save payment to one of its suppliers

An information came from Apple's internal documents revealed during the trial for patent violation VirnetX , calling on Apple 302.4 million dollars in damages. They sued Apple because it intentionally broke FaceTime for devices running iOS 6 and earlier to avoid Akamai's high monthly retransmission rates. When FaceTime was launched in 2010, Apple included two methods of connecting an iPhone to another . The first, a peer-to-peer technology, transferring audio and video data through a direct connection, while a second , "retransmission method" used third - party servers managed by Akamai to transfer data back and forth.

FaceTime at the center of the dispute as between Apple and its supplier

Initially, routed calls through relay servers Akamai represented only 5 to 10 percent of traffic FaceTime , but use increased rapidly. On November 7, 2012, a jury found that l to technology FaceTime calls peer-to-peer Apple generated a patent infringement owned by VirnetX . Along with a $ 368 million fine, the ruling went on to point out that Apple would have to switch from peer-to-peer to avoid further infringements. This prompted Apple to focus its spending on Akamai , rather increase them. At Apple, aware of the great expense they had, they began to look for other options.
Finally,  Apple found an opportunity to slow or completely cancel fees in iOS 7. Further enhancements of the system, the next generation of OS included a method of creating peer to peer FaceTime without infringing patents VirnetX connections. The only problem, according to the complaint, was that users continued to operate with devices running iOS 6. Citing internal emails and sworn testimony in the trial of VirnetX, the lawsuit alleges that Apple designed a plan to "break" FaceTime in iOS 6 or before causing a vital digital certificate expired prematurely . Apple allegedly implemented the "FaceTime Break" on April 16, 2014, then blamed the sudden incompatibility with an error.
What do you think of this discovery that has appeared as a result of a lawsuit? Your opinion is important to us.

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