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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes: 5 tricks and tips for iPhone and iPad

Nintendo released Fire Emblem Heroes just a couple of days, and since then this game RPG for iPhone and iPad has been sweeping the App Store .
Fire Emblem Heroes has an excellent battle system that will delight players IOS. And although Nintendo has developed a very intuitive game, they do not provide too many clues or tips to win on the battlefield ...
That is why from iPadizate will help you with a series of tricks and tips Fire Emblem Heroes to help you defeat your enemies. Shall we begin?
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Fire Emblem Heroes Cheats and Tips

1. Effectiveness

As happened with the game DH5 , Fire Emblem Heroes has a system by which each warrior and weapon has an advantage over others / as. It is therefore important to know the triangle of arms.
  • Red weapons are effective against green weapons.
  • Green weapons are effective against blue guns.
  • Blue guns are effective against red guns.

2. Plan your team

Before entering a battle, you must plan well your equipment. The game will give you some clues about the team you are facing, so act accordingly to defeat them with a good attack and defense strategy.

3. Edit your team

If you defend yourself appropriately from the attacks of the enemy, you will have many more chances to win. If there are many enemies with red guns, for example, you will need to edit your team with a pair of blue heroes.

4. Check attack stats

Before launching an attack on your enemy, you have the opportunity to review the statistics and the damage you do with each weapon . It is therefore interesting to try out various attacks before you launch into it.

5. Use orbs to improve your castle

Summoning heroes is one of the main features when it comes to spending orbs. But it is also important to use these orbs in upgrading and upgrading your castle. Why? Because it increases the number of experience points (EXP) you collect, and your heroes will level much faster.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes

You can get the latest Nintendo game from the following link for free:
What do you think of Fire Emblem Heroes? Have you tried it yet?

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