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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes from Nintendo now available in Spain

The game Fire Emblem Heroes by Nintendo is now available in the App Store of Spain. We will see if this game likes as much as did Pokémon GO or Super Mario Run.

Fire Emblem Heroes Now Available on the App Store

Nintendo has today released its new game Fire Emblen Heroes in the App Store, including the store in Spain.
Almost a year that announced his arrival in iOS This makes great tactical RPG, with specific adjustments designed to play on our phones, these changes can be seen in the battle maps.
Fire Emblem Heroes is a game type map , where you must go fighting the enemies to complete the objectives. As the battles go by, you'll gain orbs to summon the Fire Emblems and fight with them.
The graphics are simply great, of an excellent quality. Here is a small sample of the beginning of the game:

Game mode

This is how to play Fire Emblem Heroes
At the beginning of the game you get a small tutorial where they teach you to play, do not worry.
To be able to attack you must select the character or the allies and drag them to the enemy with whom they are going to fight. Also we must take into account what we are going to attack, since depending on the weapon, we must place in one place or another.
This game has in-app purchases, in this case, with Orbs. You can choose to fight in a normal way, or on the contrary buy these items in the store of the game itself to fight for you, say.
They not yet know exactly what Nintendo will offer more when integrated purchases, but the company confirmed that the game would be totally free, with the sole earner in-app purchases .

Arena Mode: Fight against players from around the world

Fire Emblem Heroes game sample
There is an option called Arena Mode, in which you can fight against players from all over the world. In this version there will be a ranking with the best scores , and you can also get exclusive rewards to enhance the abilities of each hero.
In the Training Tower you can perfect your Fire Emblem skills through randomly generated maps.
In addition, through its website you can learn more about the game, including the home screen, notifications, friends list, among other things.
This game has been released both iOS and Android , making difference from Super Mario Run until March will not be available for the Android platform.
If you have not downloaded the game, you can do it here.
What do you think about the launch that Nintendo has made today? Does it meet your expectations? Leave us your comment just below to know your opinion.

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