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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Functions we'd like to see on iOS 11

A few weeks ago we talked about the future of iOS , today we focus solely on iOS 11 everything we'd like to see and enjoy in the next WWDC, within the mobile operating system world 's most advanced .

IOS 11, the Beginning of Dark Mode?

Almost certainly, iOS 11 will be presented at the next edition of the WWDC , however, there are too many leaks about the innovations that will bring the next update of IOS. That's why we wanted to include some features that we would like to enjoy within iOS 11.
The first function is possible to arrive early, we talk about the " Dark Mode " with the arrival of the iPhone 7 in their new black color matte and glossy black, many people wonder why Apple has not wanted to introduce iOS 10 this feature to the users of these devices?
Well, the fact is that they are still in time to introduce this feature in iOS 10.3 or iOS 10.4, but it gives me the impression that surely we see this function inside iOS 11. No doubt, this is one of the functions most demanded by the Users and I am convinced that it will eventually appear (soon).

Split Screen on iPhone Plus

If the iPad already have this feature, why do not the bigger iPhone? The split screen is one of the most widespread among the community claims . Although it is true that the screen of the iPhone Plus is large (5.5 inches), I think that Apple has not wanted to implement this feature because it has not been able to adapt it to a smaller screen (compared to the screens of the iPad ).
The user experience in Apple is the most important thing, honestly, the split screen of the iPad has many improvements but in the iPhone I see difficult its implementation, however for asking that it not be true ?, I hope it is wrong and Apple manages to introduce this novelty In iOS 11.

Picture in Picture Video

Another feature that Apple should add to your system is the ability to watch videos while performing other functions , this feature is also found in the iPad from iOS 9 and macOS Sierra, so I do not understand what he expects Apple to give Greater productivity to your iPhone.
Can you imagine being able to watch Facebook or YouTube videos while writing in the Notes application? I just hope that this imagination will soon come to fruition, as it is one of the jailbreak's star features.

Blocking applications

It seems silly, but the ability to block an application individually by our fingerprint could be a big step in IOS 11. Keeping our photos safe from anyone who is using our iPhone, or simply block the application we use in the Work when our kids are playing with our iPhone should be a feature already integrated in iOS 11.
If not, I'd like to at least iOS 11 bring the possibility of installing two or more users on the system , a user for applications our for example, and another user for children, I think it's not so hard what We would like to see. The proof of this is that the Notes application already has this feature, I hope we see more applications implementation of the system and why not an API for developers .

Redesign of some parts of the system

I think that many parts of iOS are going to be redesigned in iOS 11, already happened with the arrival of iOS 10. Functions like the Control Center underwent a great change (worse to my taste), but with many advantages in regards to functionality.
I would not surprise me to see new changes in the Control Center itself, new features such as saving battery mode within it. Another feature that could suffer changes is multitasking iOS , I like but how difficult is it to put a button that allows deleting all open apps with just make a touch on the screen?
Another point I would like to see in iOS 11 is a new feature of using the iPhone Plus with one hand , this feature makes the system drops the screen to access the applications that our hand can not reach, well, perhaps a new way to interact with one hand is presented in iOS 11. Finally, another thing that I would like to see is an improvement in the speed of opening applications , speed improved considerably with iOS 10, but I think there is still room for improvement .
If it finally confirms the arrival of the Dark Mode with iOS 11, I would not be surprised if there were more changes in the system.

Exclusive features for the iPad

I have already said on many occasions, if Apple wants the iPad to replace computers, this should be differentiated with software that is up to scratch. iOS 11 should have its own version for iPad , adding more productivity features, portability but mostly performance.
For this, I have always said that iOS should be divided between a unique software for iPhone and a unique one for iPad, I do not think we are going to see this division but I hope we do see an evolution for the iPad.


Since the launch of the iPhone 4s, Siri has been with us. Apple has been introducing improvements in its virtual assistant year after year since its launch, so I am sure that from Cupertino will continue to improve it. Last year,  Siri added support for third - party applications . But I would like that with iOS 11, this opening to third parties was higher, many developers complained that the Siri APIs are very limited for certain tasks, so I hope they improve.
Taking away the best in the Siri API, I also like the wizard start using AI (Artificial Intelligence), this would give a great leap in quality to the wizard, but also to the whole of iOS.
I guess Siri for the home will also improve to keep up with other competitors like the Amazon Echo.
These are some of the features we would love to see in iOS 11, if you have any other ideas that you would like to enjoy, write it in the comment box and we will discuss it.

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