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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Get the best apps for Apple Watch

When a new gadget comes on the market, the first thing you ask yourself is to know what you can do with it and how it will help you in your day to day life. Therefore, before deciding if the device in question is a good acquisition we tend to inform us via blogs and videos. In NewCydiaTweaks we have discussed at length the Apple Watch, but there are always things to tell .
In the case of wearables it is quite common that in addition to giving the time, also indicate the quality of our sleep, steps, calories and allow some management of our smartphones, such as answering a call or a message from WhatsApp. But with Apple there is always more, so in addition to the apps that come bundled with the device, today we will recapitulate the best apps for Apple Watch so that you can squeeze your smartwatch full .
Apple Watch Vibration

RainAlarm is your new infallible time man

There are many apps that allow us to know the weather forecast scheduled for various locations and in many devices such as Mac or iPhone, but none integrates so well how to understand the Apple Watch as RainAlarm . With RainAlarm you will know with a vibration and a wrist twist if the deluge is imminent, but eye that in addition informs of other meteorological incidents with all luxury of details. It can not be more intuitive.

Get to know your upcoming event with Fantastical 2

Fantastical is undoubtedly the best calendar app for iOS optimized for Apple Watch . With Fantastical you can know your next appointment taking into account the current time and your location and organize you in time for the next event simply with a twist of the wrist.

Control your sleep with AutoSleep

In previous posts and I talked apps for monitoring sleep with Apple Watch but we have found another that shows the colors the rest, both for its accuracy in measuring the quality of our sleep and its stages but for its complete automation : She alone indicates your hours of sleep. Be sure to try AutoSleep.

Control the lights of your house with Phillips Hue

Phillips Hue
Okay you can do with Siri, but if we put the app home in the Dock Apple Watch, with Phillips Hue simply press the button below and from that moment can turn on or turn off the lights, control your intensity or color . Of course, for that remember that you will need the system of the bulb brand is connected to your Wi-Fi.

Forget to ask people with Find Near Me

Find near me is fantastic to quickly find different businesses only pressing a button: banks, bars, bakeries ... The app works very quickly and you can use it manually or with Siri.

Do not miss anything with Just Press Record

Recorders found in many places, even sell devices whose sole function is is that, but probably none that take up 24 hours a day and with just a click can record for posterity the conversation that is taking place at this very moment.

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