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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Get Ready! New Pokémon Go event in your city

Do you have plans for this Saturday? If so, you can leave them aside . It does not matter if it is your partner that you have not seen for months because he had gone away to live. It does not matter if you have to finish your final project or if it just makes bad weather and you do not feel like going out. There is no excuse to attend the biggest event of Pokémon Go in Spain. No, it will not be the distance in this case, because it will be in different parts of Spain. You want to know more? Read on to find out all the details.

Event of Pokémon Go in several shopping centers

Yes, this Saturday is going to go to the malls, but rest assured that this time we do not go shopping but hunting , and is that Niantic has allied with Uniball-Rodamco to bring this event to the centers of the chain, we leave you in she is ready.
  • The Maquinista (Barcelona)
  • Splau (Barcelona)
  • Barnasud (Barcelona)
  • Glòries (Barcelona)
  • Parquesur (Madrid)
  • Equinoccio Park (Madrid)
  • Bonaire (Valencia)
  • Garbera (San Sebastián)
  • The Lighthouse (Badajoz)
  • South Bahia (Cádiz)
  • Vallsur (Valladolid)
  • Los Arcos (Seville)
Now that you are jumping because it catches you close enough, what is the event? Mainly they give us the opportunity to capture our favorite pokémon with more gyms, more pokéstop and less cold , as well as to get prizes and gifts, like a cap or a useful external battery (that to our iPhone will not do you bad at all).
Pokemon go event February 18
The event, in case you are still a little confused, will be on February 18 in these malls, so if you still do not know what to do, do not think any more, you already have plans for this Saturday by the hand of Pokémon Go!

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