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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

GO Pokémon will add 80 new creatures this week

The game that was the most popular of 2016, Pokémon GO continues to renew and now a new update will arrive this week in which will be able to enjoy 80 new Pokémon creatures, precisely those belonging to Generation II Gold and Silver . During the game you can discover them but if you consider the option, you can find them in the eggs that are created through incubations. The Pokédex will also have a renewal , so those users who are expecting improvement on this mobile game, will not feel abandoned for lack of features.

Pokémon GO continues to update so as not to lose more users

Niantic has stated that the Pokémon that will be added have gender variations, so not all creatures belonging to the second generation will be available in the game.
The personalization of your character continues in plan of improvement since you will be able to choose more clothes and accessories. During a game, you will notice that it has been redesigned to achieve a little more appeal to the game. They add two new berries , a so-called Latano that serves to reduce the movement of an enemy , and the next called Pinia that doubles the reward of candy when capturing a wild Pokémon.
Along with this update, let's not forget that very soon we will be able to fight in real time with other Pokémon trainers. A function that perhaps from the beginning was being demanded so much by the boom that had the game at the time of its launch, as of a possible new experience of game that could have endured more time than expected.

Pokémon GO still present on special dates

In festivities like yesterday, Pokémon GO announced days ago that they would be offering juicy attractions in the game. As in Halloween and Christmas, Pokémon GO does not waste time and is promoted in this type of dates, some strategies that serve to gather all those players who still feel satisfied by the game, and also to return to all Those users who no longer follow the game.
At the moment, it is expected that the update gradually reaches the world, but we suggest you wait for the longed-for update from the App Store of your iPhone. What do you think of these new features of Pokémon GO? Would you need some extra to be better? Share your opinions with us in the comment box.

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