Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hacker accesses information from Cellebrite, the company responsible for decrypting the iPhone from San Bernardino

We all remember the story of San Bernardino iPhone . That iPhone 5c, which was owned by one of the terrorists who attacked in Boston almost 4 years ago, hid valuable information inside. This was encrypted and Apple flatly refused to violate their encryption systems to reveal that information . The FBI put the device in the hands of an Israeli company called Cellebrite. Now all this has surfaced again, with a rather curious fact that we tell you below.

CelleBrite is suffering data theft, including those of the iPhone 5c of San Bernardino

The average Motherboard has affirmed today that a hacker has managed to pass all encrypted data Cellebrite had on their servers . The hacker allegedly accessed from a remote server.
This individual was clear that he was going straight for cracking tools that used the company to access the devices. But, fortunately, you have only accessed a file cache related to various operating systems and devices.
Why did the hacker want to get the cracking tools? Basically to find cracks security operating system . These tools, which are used by the Israeli company, among which were the data of the iPhone 5c of San Bernardino have not been unveiled.
These people want to find all security vulnerabilities they can. With this, they will get to the famous jailbreak that attracts so many people, though based on a security breach and threatening their own privacy.
With this we see that hackers have no limits and may end servers delving into what pleases them, even of these companies dedicated to safety. And it should be remembered that although information was stolen vulnerabilities of older operating systems, it is always advisable to have your device with the latest version of iOS. 
What do you think of this data subtraction? Do you think they were behind the San Bernardino iPhone data?
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