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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Have fun with the best games for iPhone and iPad

The iOS App Store has millions and millions of games for iPhone and iPad , so it's hard enough to find one that suits your tastes.
That's why in NewCydiaTweak, we recommend all kinds of iOS game collections . And this time we have brought you some very interesting games ...
Ok golf
Remember, you can share your favorite games with us in the comment section and in social networks. We will wait for you!


Stagehand is a platform game ... but very different from how you imagine it. In Stagehand our main objective will be to modify different elements of the stage of each level. That's right, you do not control the character, you control the level!

Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is an action game with turn-based combat in the style of Infinity Blade, but with much more personalization of the character. Although its price is a bit high, it is highly recommended!

Reckless Getaway

We are very fond of this game. It has been in the App Store for many years, but we have recovered it for you, players, because it offers a fabulous gaming experience and has a simple but very attractive gameplay. Your objective will be to dodge cars and flee the police collecting coins and enhancers. It is fun!

Battle bay

Rovio's latest for iPhone and iPad is called Battle Bay, and it's not a game of Angry Birds! It is a multiplayer PvP game in which you can tackle in thrilling real-time online games against players from around the world.


To finish the selection of games today we recommend OK GOLF, a nice game of golf that has some graphics with a very creative artistic concept.
These have been our recommendations for games for iPhone and iPad today. Of course, in the App Store there are many more games to keep in mind. What are your favorites?

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