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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Have you seen the spectacular new announcement of iPhone 7 One Shot?

Apple continues its effective advertising campaign Shot on iPhone 7 so successful is giving in sales with its model iPhone 7 Plus, the most powerful smartphone market and also has an incredible dual camera that allows you to make better Photos that ever And what better to check with your own eyes thanks to ads .
If first feasted with useful and effective iPhone portrait mode 7 , this time discover the wonderful photos that the iPhone 7 done at night along the planet for you , the proud users.
Best apps iPhone photography 7 and 7 Plus.
Accompanied musically by the jazz piano of Trio Ahmad Jamal, the new Apple announcement of a minute of although it has been released separately, it is still an expansion of the One Night on iPhone 7 that was launched last week. In this case focused on the ability to capture fascinating images even in low light .
Particularly in such a complex situation for the camera of a smartphone as the night fireworks, neon lights, flames and other series of scenes of moving bright lights in the middle of the night. A challenge of the iPhone 7 comes outstandingly situation .

Thus, Apple shows once again the possibilities of the camera of your iPhone in July conducting precious snapshots both amateur and professional photographers from around the globe.
The campaign Shot on iPhone 7 proudly reminds his audience that some photos are taken with iPhone 7, others with iPhone 7 Plus and other additional hardware, but mostly just been made by amateurs with native app Camara , containing functionalities Such as color correction, stabilizer, time - lapse, among many others.
IPhone 7 Plus

When the iPhone 7 was presented to the public in September, Apple boasted of having the best camera smartphone market , one of the weaknesses of Cupertino so far and it seems that indeed finally have succeeded.
In addition to 12 megapixels, the new iPhone includes a proprietary image signal processor that says bodies and faces, measures exposure, balances targets, captures color amplitude, reduces noise and more with a single goal: allow the user Make great pictures with very little effort in almost any situation. In addition, the iPhone 7 Plus offers dual camera with optical zoom .

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