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How to activate the magnifying glass on an iPhone

The latest versions of iOS for iPhone include an excellent magnifying glass function that can turn the camera and the device screen into a magnifying glass. This has many possible uses, including as an aid to reading small text without squinting and effort of the same.
The iPhone magnifier must be enabled before it can be used and is easily accessible. There are even various settings (zoom level, brightness, contrast, different color filters, etc.) that can be made to the magnifying glass once it has been activated.
The iPhone magnifier requires a modern version of iOS, so the device must have iOS 10.0 or later for the function to be available .

How to activate the magnifying glass on an iPhone

Before you can use the magnifying glass, it must be enabled in the settings:
  • Open the "Settings" application on your iPhone and go to "General" and then to "Accessibility"
  • Touch "Magnifier" and then put the switch next to the "Magnifier" in the on position
  • Exit Settings
  • To access the magnifying glass, press three times in the start button
  • Press the camera button to freeze the screen of the magnified element
Now the magnifying glass is activated, being able to access it from the locked screen of the iPhone, the home screen or anywhere else with the triple tap on the start button.

How to Use the iPhone Magnifier

After activating the iPhone's magnifying glass function, you can easily use it at any time:
  • Access the iPhone magnifier by double-clicking the start button
  • Adjust the zoom level of the magnifier with the slider as needed
  • Optionally adjust magnifier filters
  • Press the round button on the camera to freeze the magnifying glass screen. Press again to discard and start over
  • Exit the magnifying glass by pressing the start button again
Mac users have a similar feature available in the preview application to zoom in on images, and also throughout the operating system with a small zoom utility, though none of which uses the Mac camera as these features in Mac only apply to what appears on the screen.
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