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Sunday, February 12, 2017

How to get weather information in the iOS 10 Notifications Center with Jailbreak

The Notifications Center and iOS 10 Lock Screen have received great news and are now much more functional and informative thanks to Widgets and Rich Notifications . But thanks to the iOS 10 Jailbreak they can still offer much more ...
A new Cydia tweak called DisplayWeather 10 , developed by pxcex, will allow you to get detailed weather information in the user interface of the Notifications Center and the iOS 10 Widgets panel.
But many of you will wonder: Why do I need a tweak if I already have the Widgets to know the weather weather information? The answer is easy, because this way you can save additional space for new Widgets, and because the Widgets consume much, much, much battery in iOS 10.

DisplayWeather 10: How does it work?

DisplayWeather 10 uses the information collected by the native iPhone time application based on your current location, so the tweak consumes much less battery than the iOS 10 Widgets . In addition, you do not need to have location services enabled. Is not it super useful?
As you can see in the attached images, the DisplayWeather 10 tweak includes a new item in the upper left corner of the Notification Center and the Widgets screen that does not occupy too much space, nor does it alter the visual perception of the user interface.
The tweak adds weather information, the name of your location and a small illustration.
The reason users install the iOS 10 Jailbreak on their iPhone and iPad is clearly reflected in the features provided by this useful and interesting Cydia tweak. An ideal option for customizing the user interface , while at the same time saving battery and extra space in the Widgets.
What do you think about DisplayWeather 10? Have you tried it yet? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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