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Friday, February 3, 2017

How to Improve Your Apple Products with Kickstarter

In this second installment of the Kickstarter series we are going to show you three very interesting products, designed for the new iPhone 7.

Second installment of Kickstarter

In the first installment I did an advance of what you can find in the best known web called crowdfunding. We show you seven very varied articles, so that you see that the great ideas are out there.
In this second installment we bring you three products specially designed for the iPhone in July . As always , I say, we can all learn from everyone , which, if you know any interesting product you want to share in my email  can share it to come out in future deliveries. Let's go there!

SmartKase: the most complete sleeve in the world

SmartKase: the most complete sleeve in the world
We all know the importance of the covers in our life, and if apart from protecting our phone against drops and scratches gives us several extras, how do you stay?
With this case you will be surprised, because the SmartKase includes two very useful and important extras. The SmartKase includes, attention, a slot for inserting a SIM card,  another slot to add a memory card  plus extra battery.
With this case you can incorporate one 2400mAh battery to extend those phone conversations up to 12 hours, 10 hours to play 12 hours of browsing and 10 hours of video playback.
That supports cards of micro SD type can be up to 256 GB of storage. You can add hours and hours of music without saturating the memory of your device.
SmartKase's own interface
It has a special interface so you can perform all these actions. That is, the case goes on its own without necessarily depending on the telephone. The videos or music that you play, will waste battery of the own sheath.
In addition it is also available for all models of iPhone 6 at the same price of $ 70.
From the website Kickstarter you will see all its functionality and specifications. Did not it strike you as a pass?

ILDOCK: Extends the only port on your iPhone 7

ILOCK, listen to music while loading your iPhone 7
First of all, mention that this project was canceled by the website itself once completed. The motives we do not know, but the idea was very good.
The main idea of this little device is to p oder 7 to charge your iPhone while listening to your favorite music . With the suppression of the iPhone 3.5's 3.5-inch jack, many users see a major drawback to their unique Lightning port.
The creative company had in mind to create a series of candy with different functionality, such as double output Lightning, card readers, etc.
From here  you can learn all the details of this great project that did not quite see the light, although it was very popular with sponsors.
There are currently very similar alternatives on websites like Amazon.

Auxillite: the dock that Apple should have included

Auxillite, dock to charge and listen to music at the same time
As an alternative to the project that we have presented previously, within the same website Kickstarter I have been able to find something very similar and with a better design.
It Auxillite This is a very handy little dock with which you can listen to audio while charging your iPhone 7 .
Auxillite S, the perfect dock
In addition they have also created a booth, called Auxillite S, in which they incorporate the main product. Operates as stand base and stand.  A very good idea, no doubt.
From this  link  you will see all the features and future developments of this project Kickstarter.
And this has been all for today, guys. We hope you liked it and found it interesting. Your feedback is very important in weekly projects like this, so I ask you to leave your comments about what you think of this section and if you want to go ahead . Thank you very much! 

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