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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How to know if an iPhone is blacklisted?

The sale of second hand iPhone is up this time, in which we have many considerations for our personal economy. But, we are all afraid that the iPhone that we are selling does not work because it is on the "blacklist", that is to say it is reported and we can not use it. In this article we tell you how to know if this second-hand iPhone is blacklisted or not.

What is the "blacklist"?

On certain occasions, when we buy an iPhone, it can not be used because we find it reported, and we may think that it is inoperative to use, and nothing further from reality.
The vast majority of users believe that this lock is due to something inside the terminal itself or that is related to iCloud, blocking the IMEI. That's not true. The reality is that the device itself does not undergo any changes internally since  the blocking occurs in the company's database of this terminal.
When you try to make a call with a terminal that suffers this report, it will go through the servers of the telephone company to later connect with the recipient. If this iPhone you are trying to call is reported, the phone company database will detect your IMEI and you will see that it is blacklisted and will not connect your call .
What are the causes of being blacklisted? The main cause is non-payment by users . That is, you can always reach an agreement with the telephone company to remove the IMEI from the blacklist. Also if at any time you reported with the operator for theft or loss , but it is fortunate that you have recovered it, you can remove it from the list.

How to know if the iPhone is blacklisted?

If you are purchasing a device, and want to check if the IMEI is reported, you can follow the next clue.
The first, that the coverage appears as "NO SERVICE," and this happens because the iPhone takes the signal from the company's turret , but this will not allow any type of telephone service to be performed for the reasons we have discussed previously . The second one is precisely the one mentioned, sometimes it will take a signal but it will not be able to make or receive calls.
This is the main clue we have in Mexico, one of the countries where there is more iPhone sales, and may suffer from this problem of finding a terminal in the blacklist more assiduously. Thefts are increased and technological devices are the first to fall.

LiberaiPhoneIMEI does the management

To check 100% if the terminal you want to buy is blacklisted or not, we share a great option like  LiberaiPhoneIMEI . This company operating in many countries like Spain or Mexico, will verify in a personalized way the data you provide from the terminal to be analyzed.
This company will review the blacklist of telephone companies, and will provide you with the possibility of removing the report by reaching an agreement with the company itself, if there is no crime related to that terminal.
The prices of this, in my opinion, are very reasonable and economic, although they vary always depending on the agreement with the company, and the type of management that can be performed. The service is top notch because the attention is very good, some time ago I occupied it for the release of an iPhone since in Mexico it was still not accepted to use different chips to be able to use several operators, which has already changed. It should be noted that the service you request is very fast and effective , so there is no doubt about its quality.
Have you had any problems with your operator because your iPhone is blacklisted? Share your experiences according to your country of origin in the comment box.

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