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Friday, February 17, 2017

How to make your iPhone activate the mode to save energy automatically

The iPhone battery is one of the most common complaint motives among users. No matter how many generations pass, this part of the device will always be one of the most scalded when analyzing the terminal . However, Apple has implemented an option that many users do not know, but that will allow you to save the maximum battery on your iPhone .

Unlike other options such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, this feature to save energy can not be activated from the Control Center , so many people do not know of its existence. But for that we are here, to help you improve the experience with your mobile device.

How to make the Low Power Mode automatically activate at a certain percentage?

Save energy on your iphone
** The Low Power Mode is quite important, and has proven to be very valuable in extending the life of our iPhone battery . If you do not want to turn it on manually for so long, there is a Jailbreak tweak that does this automatically for us.

1) The first thing we will do is go to Cydia .
2) We will install a Cydia tweak called Low Power Modder from the BigBoss repositories.
3) We Respring our device to apply changes.
Once our iPhone is ready, we will go to the Settings application Click on the configuration page for Low Power Modder , and here we can adjust some things. We touch the switch to start the tweak and enter a value next to the option Custom Percentage .
In addition to this, you can also have the Low Power Mode turn itself off automatically after reaching the charge level of your preference.

How to save battery on your iphone
This tweak is not going to help you save more battery, but thanks for having more configurations in iOS options. If you do not like to manually turn on Low Power Mode or you have poor memory to remember, you'd better give this interesting tweak a try.

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