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Sunday, February 12, 2017

How to monitor sleep with your Apple Watch

The sleep monitoring has been one of the top requested features in the Apple Watch , but the Cupertino company has not yet offered a solution.
However, this has not stopped application developers from creating their own watchOS functions .
In this publication we will tell you how to monitor and track your dream with Apple Watch through the best applications on your App Store.

How to keep track of your dream on watchOS

One of the most popular applications to monitor your sleep hours is AutoSleep . This app allows you to keep track of your dream in two different ways. The first, and the most detailed, is to take your smartwatch while you sleep.
This way you can get a lot of information about your dream every morning when you wake up. This information includes charts and cycles of your sleep quality.
You will also appreciate how much time you have been lying down, how relaxing your dream has been, your heart rate average and much more.
Of course, many users will not want to wear the Apple Watch at bedtime, as it can be quite uncomfortable, and even drain the smartwatch battery. That's why the AutoSleep application offers another alternative.
The app has an option to track sleep hours, but you will not get the same level of detail as if you sleep with Apple Watch.
Additionally, there are other very useful applications on the WatchOS App Store to monitor your dream. Here are some of our recommendations:

Sleep Cycle

Sleep time

To bed

Sleep ++

Hopefully Apple will soon deploy a new system in watchOS software and / or Apple Watch hardware so that users can monitor sleep without using third-party applications. Until then, these alternatives are ideal.

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