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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How to protect your MacBook with these accessories

A MacBook is a device that costs a lot of money not to take care of it as it deserves. So we are going to bring you some articles with which you can protect your little big machine.

The Importance of Protecting Your MacBook

We all know what these laptops cost, so we must take special care in their transportation and daily use.
The aluminum is scratched quite easily, and it occurred to me soon after buying it .

Avoid what happened to me

Making some plans for the MacBook to take pictures, I had to place it on a tiny stone, since I had cleaned the surface to avoid that, but even so, it scratched.
Luckily it was on the bottom of the Mac, which is not going to be in sight, but the disgust you take it the same, and you know that it will always remain there even if you do not see it directly.
In my previous MacBook Pro I have always worn a hard plastic casing to avoid such accidents, but when I did the photos I still had not arrived. Error for me? Yes, but I've given you a solution.
And thanks to this experience, we give way to the first accessory that should not be lacking if you give a lot of trot to your laptop.

Plastic Case for MacBook 12 "

Clear hard case for MacBook
This case is perfect to prevent scratches on the outside of your MacBook. It's the one I personally use and I'm really delighted .
It is very thin and does not add too much weight. Its creators know the importance that we give the users to its thinness and weight , that is why they have created this case.
I bought it completely transparent to let you see the native design of the laptop, without losing a single detail of color or design. It has a bright touch that gives it a different look, without leaving the native design.
Of course, the cover itself is scratched quite easily, but I prefer to scratch the cover to my Mac, honestly.
Rubber feet for better adhesion
What I liked most about this accessory is that the legs that are located at the bottom are rubber and not foam . You can not imagine the difference in adhesion between one material and another. The adhesion is perfect .
In addition, and this is a personal experience that I tell you, the one that came to me at first came with some stripes on both parts of the casing, which I told the seller. They reacted instantly and sent me another one totally free , as well as leaving me the one that had been scratched.
For this kind of details and customer service - especially after-sales - I highly recommend this case. The best of all is the price, as it barely exceeds € 10. Good quality and good price. From this link you can buy it.

Neoprene Sleeve for MacBook

MacBook Neoprene Sleeve
The next accessory that I use for transport, is a neoprene sleeve. I found it on offer on a large surface and I am very happy with the result.
It did not cost me € 14 and the brand is worldwide known. The quality, spectacular .
I often carry the MacBook, which protects it against falling and scratches by leaving it on any surface. Also, being neoprene  in case of getting dirty can be washed without problem . The protection against falls is very good, since the material does of padding, in a certain way.
In the market there are many designs, prices and brands. Just find the one that best suits your tastes. This way I leave the link of mine.

Carrying case

Briefcase for MacBook
And the last layer of protection of my MacBook is a briefcase. I bought it along with the neoprene sleeve, since, as I said, I travel a lot with the Mac.
I find the perfect complement of anyone who takes the laptop from one side to another . It comes very well equipped, with a protective pocket for the laptop, a space to store other items, and includes a separate pocket with zipper, to keep notebooks, pens and the like.
Detail of the interior of the briefcase
You can carry it in two ways. Well caught by your handles or hanging on your shoulder, as you like.
I remember that I bought it along with the neoprene sleeve and also did not exceed € 14, as they were both discounted. But believe me that is the most comfortable way to transport your laptop.
You can also carry it in a backpack , but in my opinion, they seem almost always huge, since they are designed for maximum protection before falls and knocks.
And that's how I protect my 12 "MacBook. The good thing is that the computer fits inside the neoprene sleeve, even with the plastic casing on . And the same thing happens with the briefcase: the Mac inside the case fits perfectly in its place.
At one point I thought of putting a skin on it even if it was only on the bottom, but I discarded that idea because, or put it on the device, or it is rare. And the truth, I did not want to lose the native design just buy it. I may be exaggerated, but all protection is scarce for a device that I use every day and that is worth so much money.
What do you protect your MacBook with? Any advice on protective accessories? Leave us your suggestion in the comments.

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