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Sunday, February 12, 2017

How to view national holidays in the iPhone calendar

Our smartphone is an essential element in our lives and a tool that can help us a lot is the iPhone calendar.
Since smartphones began to proliferate in our lives, these have become essential without which we can hardly live. We use them at all hours and for almost anything we turn to them; An indicator that we have a high dependence on something is if we come back for something when we have forgotten when leaving home, and the iPhone is one of those essential objects. Today I bring a tip for you to use the iPhone calendar in a more productive way and that can help you in certain situations.

This is how the iPhone calendar is configured to show the national holidays

When we do the initial configuration of our iPhone there is an aspect in which we may not review at all but that can bring us great productivity throughout the day, and that is the calendar . While it may be an application that we simply have on the initial screen of our device or we have installed the widget that incorporates to see the date or if we have some event soon, it may have more utility than it seems . And it can serve to plan our next vacation thanks to a feature that Apple integrates into the calendar natively.
When we access the calendar on our iPhone we will see a view with the days of the month, you can configure it to appear today or the view of all the months of the year. If we look at the month's view, we observe that on certain days a point appears below the number; This indicates that there is an event scheduled for that day ; So far nothing new. However, if we follow in our device the route  Settings → Language and region → Regional formats we can change the place in such a way that in the calendar of our iPhone we will be shown the national holidays of the country of our choice.

Thanks to the iPhone calendar you can be aware of all your events

In this way, you will be shown the national holidays of the region that you have configured . As you see is a feature that will allow you to plan future trips or to know if the commercial establishments of the country to which you travel soon will remain closed. Once again our pocket computer comes to our aid to make our lives a little easier, helping us in the task of remembering all the birthdays of our friends as well as the national holidays.
This feature joins the traditional to add personal events to your calendar so you can have all the events and holidays of your country at a click (or press if you have a terminal with 3D Touch). In any case, if you do not like the native application, you can always use third-party applications . Leave us in comments what you think of this feature included in the native calendar application and if you think that this application serves for more than to indicate the date.

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