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Friday, February 3, 2017

How to view Super Bowl LI directly on your iPhone or iPad

Sunday will be held Feb. 5 Super Bowl LI (Super Bowl 51), an event that brings together the champions of the National Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC) . On the side of the NFC Atlanta "Falcons" (Hawks) have a special appointment for being the first to reach a Super Bowl in its history, while on the side of the AFC the New England Patriots (New England Patriots ) Reach their ninth Super Bowl where Tom Brady could be the star and could reach a historic goal, the only QB (quaterback) to rack up 5 Super Bowl rings.Tom Brady
An important event for the Americas, but if you're a follower of the sport, in Apple 5 x 1 we tell you how to follow a game in Spain and Latin America.

How to follow the Super Bowl LI on your iPhone or iPad in Spain

In Spain you will be able to follow it if you have contracted the package Deportes Total or Premium. Through the app " MOVISTAR + " you can follow it by entering a user name and password.
There is another option through the app Wiseplay . Once downloaded, you have to go to the Playlists Video option and click on the "+" icon and add the following link . You will have several channels, including several from Movistar Deportes. Locate the game and enjoy!
In Spain, the Super Bowl LI will start from 00:30 hrs on Monday, February 6th. In the Canary Islands will be from 23:30 hrs on Sunday 5 February.

How to follow the Super Bowl LI on your iPhone or iPad in Latin America

In Mexico there are several options to see it from the iPhone or iPad. The broadcast television (Televisa and TV Azteca) offer free transmission. You can follow them through their web pages.
Mexico apps
If you want the most complete experience in an app, your apps are also available in the App Store.
Other restricted channels that will broadcast the match are ESPN and Fox Sports. To watch the game directly in any of the two options must have hired TV service with any provider that can assign a user and password. In the case of ESPN the app is ESPN Play, and in the case of Fox Sports the app is Fox Play.
The Super Bowl LI in Mexico will begin at 17:30 hrs.ESPN Fox Sports
For the rest of Latin America, applications ESPN and Fox Sports Play they are also available, but must also meet the requirement of being associated with a TV provider . The countries that can enjoy the Super Bowl with these applications are:
  • Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica: At 17:30 hrs * on ESPN and Fox Sports.
  • Peru, Ecuador and Colombia: At 18:30 hrs * on ESPN and Fox Sports.
  • Dominican Republic, Bolivia and Venezuela: At 19:30 hrs * on ESPN and Fox Sports.
  • Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile: At 20:30 hrs * on ESPN and Fox Sports.
  • Brazil: At 9:30 pm * on ESPN.
* Time of each of the capitals of the countries listed.
And you, how will you follow the LI Super Bowl? Leave us your opinions in the comment box.

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