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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Huawei is developing its own virtual assistant

As we know, the big manufacturers over the years have been adding new technologies to their devices and Huawei does not want to be less. We all know that the technology is moving very fast and a clear example, it is the mobile technology, if we look back at the changes in smartphones just five years ago, they have hardly anything to do with what we have now in the market.
A few years ago we thought virtual assistant on a mobile for what? Today, it gives us many tasks with the possibility of talking on the phone when we can not physically pick it up. Huawei without going any further, is the latest company to implement its own virtual assistant, which is apparently already under way.

Huawei and his virtual assistant are on the move

Apparently, the world's third-largest Smartphone maker may have more than 100 engineers working on its own virtual assistant in Shenzhen, China . As we have learned, the purpose of huawei with this virtual assistant is that the assistant himself speaks the Chinese language and its variants. In western devices, they would use Amazon's Google Asistant or Alexa to power their devices.
While it is true, being the third phone manufacturer in the world, Huawei wants to deal with the attendants of the big companies like Amazon, Apple and Google . Although these have years of experience Huawei will go for it all. The company wants to become the first Smartphone manufacturer in the world by 2021, making a dent in the United States market.

Huawei could count on the support of the University of California

We still do not know if this Chinese company will develop this technology by itself, or if it will have the support of some company with experience, since, at the end of last year, the company announced its alliance with the University of California to investigate subjects like, Voice recognition, learning and artificial intelligence.
It should be remembered that companies usually buy a company with experience in this system of artificial intelligence, but perhaps this is not the case of Huawei, and the company itself develops its own virtual assistant.
Do you think Huawei will be able to deal with companies like Amazon, Apple or Google as far as virtual assistants are concerned? Will Huawei reach its target for 2021? Leave us your opinions in the comment box.

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