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Saturday, February 11, 2017

If you have an iMac you have to see these accessories (I)

In the previous installment we show you the best accessories for the Siri Remote on your Apple TV 4. This time, we will show you some of the most useful accessories that you can equip your iMac.
Many times it is quite uncomfortable accessing the rear ports of the iMac to connect any peripheral via USB. In this article we are going to teach you some options to make it easier to access as well as win USB yets, among others.

Give more connectivity to your iMac

Hub Aukey 4, 7 and 10 USB ports

We begin with this fantastic Hub Aukey , in which you can expand the number of USB ports on your desktop.
Made of high quality aluminum. It has four extra 3.0 ports to connect more peripherals to your iMac, or simply better access the ones you already have in the back. Its silver color fits perfectly to the native color of the Apple desktop. It will look perfect on your desk.
As it is compatible with any device that carries USB, you can also use it in your MacBook, that is why this Hub is also available - in  addition to silver - in space gray .
The price is 17 €, but the quality offered by the brand is very good. Of total confidence .
AUKEY options according to your needs
In addition there is the possibility of acquiring this device with a greater number of USB ports . From here you can buy the 7 ports for 30 € and here the option of 10 ports for 35 €. If you want to buy the version of 4 USB ports for 17 €, you can do it from here.

More economical alternative

Possible slightly cheaper alternative
If the prices have seemed a little high, we propose a cheaper solution. As for aesthetics and functionality is very similar . Also aluminum, 4 USB ports and silver color. The final price is € 11 and you can buy it here .

HUB attached to the iMac

Alternative for attaching the hub to the iMac
This alternative is very comfortable and functional. The main counter of the loose Hubs , is that they end up cluttering on our table. This alternative that we present offers something that the previous ones did not offer, and that is incorporated in the own iMac.
By means of a system of flaps  - tranquil @, your computer will not be damaged -, will be integrated in your desktop, in the ventilation slots of the iMac. Is not that a great idea?
It is also made of aluminum and has 4 USB 3.0 ports. Its price is 19 € and, if you liked, we leave here the purchase link.

Hub with card reader

Hub with card reader
I do not know if you have ever used it, but accessing the iMac card reader is sometimes an ordeal , especially if you have it placed against a wall.
Thanks to this Hub we will be able to have a more comfortable access to card readers. And I speak in the plural because it includes 3 types of card reader : micro SD, SD, TF and CF. In addition to this, it incorporates 3 USB 3.0 ports . All in one!
Made of aluminum, compact size and silver. Its price is 27. From this link you can buy it.

Alternative with card readers

Pair an extra card reader on your iMac
If you liked the Hub that was attached to the Mac, this peripheral may interest you. Same materials as the rest, price 40 € and the peculiarity that will not hinder you in the desk .
Includes two card readers , one for microSD and one for SD, plus 3 USB 3.0 ports . If you are interested, we will leave you the link here .

Hub with headphone and microphone output

Hub with headphone and microphone output
And to finish this article on Hubs for your iMac, we leave this accessory with which you can connect your microphone and your headphones in a very practical way.
It also has three USB 3.0 ports to connect your USB devices. The material used is aluminum , and underneath has a gummy surface so it does not slip on the table.
For € 17 you can get with it, and as we love to put things easy, we leave here the purchase link.
Seller's Alternatives
We advise you to look at all the options that this seller has , since there are different ways and connections, such as this one here , which includes card reader, audio outputs and various USB.
And this has been everything for today. In the next installment we will show you some media to place peripherals on your iMac. See you soon!

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