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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Improve the speed of your Mac with these tricks

As the years go by, Macs resent the updates that have been installed over time. It is therefore interesting to recover some of that speed and "revive" our beloved device of the California firm.

Eliminate everything you do not use

The first step that must be carried out is to remove from our Mac all the software that we no longer use . In particular, those applications that have been installed in our computer since time immemorial, but with the passage of time have been forgotten.
Empty Trash in OS X
On the other hand, it would be interesting to delete files that we no longer use, or if we stored excessively heavy files, the best option is to store them on an external or portable disk .

Install an SSD disk

Undoubtedly, one of the great improvements you can make in your old Mac is to install a solid state disk , because by avoiding traditional disk technology, the access speed is infinitely greater. Also with this type of disk you will no longer have to worry about performing defragmented tasks.
Flash Storage
Installing it is very simple, although if you have doubts there are many videos on the internet that explain it step by step.

Optimize the memory of your Mac

Another problem that seriously damages the speed of your computer, is to have in the background a large number of processes. Therefore , from the Activity Monitor we can have a control of the use from the section of Memory .
Also having many open browser tabs also greatly affects memory usage. Therefore it is advisable to have open those tabs that we are spending at that precise moment, otherwise the browser will consume much of the RAM without realizing it.

Add more RAM

Another great improvement you can make to your old Apple computer is to add more memory , as long as your model is compatible with this improvement, as not all Macs offer the option of incorporating more memory. Even so, the best hardware option to invest in our computer, is certainly the SSD .
IMac 27-Inch RAM Memory

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