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Friday, February 10, 2017

Interview with VidLib creator for Apple TV 4 (DRAW!)

A while ago we taught VidLib: the application that saved our Apple TV 4 from finishing in a drawer. On that occasion we showed you how the app worked and what it served.
As well. Today we bring you an interview with its creator , Raúl. Best known among users of the app as Monitus. At the end of the article you can find a link to participate in an international draw that the developer has just created on the occasion of its first anniversary of the app. You can win an Apple TV 4 and be betatester of the app. Do not forget to participate!
If you have not seen that article and you do not know what the subject is, from here you can catch up. Let's start!

Interview with VidLib creator for Apple TV 4

Raul, where did the idea come from?

When they announced the Apple TV 4 and started sending test drives to developers (one of which came to me), I saw a new world to explore. 
The Apple TV 4 was a super interesting device and I immediately wanted to make apps for it.
The first idea was to fill a need of their own . I had sold my previous Apple TV 2 and I was without the comfort of being able to see my movies and series on Kodi on TV.
Also, it was soon Christmas and we wanted to give our parents a device that was very easy to watch movies and series in streaming (with Kodi can sometimes be complicated).
With that in mind, I made the app for myself and my family, but seeing that it could be something that needed more people, I took some time to give it the form of a publishable product in the App Store.

How many hours of work do you think you have used to create the app?

It's hard to say. I took a few hours a week to take the first version, which was very basic (I supported some websites and only supported the native player with streamcloud).
To the following versions of the app yes I have spent many more hours, at the cost of sleep, as I have been implementing many improvements and currently the app is much more extensive and complete than version 1.0.

How many users are using your app?

Those who use it daily are about two thousand people , especially in the strip of 10 at night (Spanish time). Throughout this first year of life, the number of active users has grown linearly.
In the first two or three months I had 100 active users and with just one tiny server we all threw. It was good times, there were no saturations. Now it is becoming increasingly complicated at the infrastructure level.
It is reaching a point where it is necessary to go back to give a new quality / quantity jump on the server side. In this jump I will have to leave everything ready for a possible boom if I take the app for other platforms.

Is there a way to contact you if we have a problem with the app?

Clear. We have a support group in Telegram that you can join from this link , and the official Twitter account @vidlibapp

What are the top three countries in the downloads ranking?

The first country with a lot of difference is Spain . Then the United States follows and behind it are almost all South American countries closely matched.
Speaking of this. Many people have told me if I do not consider taking it out for the English-speaking public. It could be, but I almost prefer to leave it for the Spanish-speaking community. Americans already have services like Netflix, HBO, iTunes Movies ... I do not want to compete with them because I have to lose.

And finally. In the future, will you implement the version for iPad or iPhone?

Although I have said it many times and it never ends, it is something I have studied to do, but it is difficult to take the time for it .
Making the (VidLib) version for iPad is relatively simple since you can re-use a lot of code from the Apple TV app. The main problem is that if I remove the iPhone / iPad version, being much more majority devices, I foresee a possible download boom and active users , so I must prepare the server to make room for all new people without that Will result in a detriment of the service for the current users of Apple TV, who, today, are the main public and those who most need an app like this.
Thank you Raul for giving us this interview, to know a little more everything behind VidLib for Apple TV 4.
Again, I put the link of the App Store in case you have not downloaded this fantastic application yet.
If you have any doubt or question , you can do it in the comments. This way we will update the post. Thank you very much.


Through the link below you can participate in the international draw that has just launched the developer. In this draw, you can win an Apple TV 4 + USB C cable to be part of the BetaTesters group of the application. Run and participate!

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