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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

IOS 10.3: the new public beta for iPhone and iPad is now available

Just yesterday , Apple made available to developers the second beta version of IOS 10.3 with a lot of new features , functions and benefits.
Now, just 24 hours later, Apple has released the public version of this beta of IOS 10.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch . Below we tell you everything you need to know to download the software in your terminal.
IOS 10
For iOS 10.3 on your iPhone and iPad you need to be enrolled in the Program Beta Software . This Program Software Beta Apple is completely free , and you can register in just minutes in order to download new versions of software that the company enter them .

The final version of iOS 10.3 will arrive this spring

Many of us have been wondering when the final version of iOS 10.3 will come to iPhone and iPad. Well, it's likely that Apple enter the latest official version of its mobile operating system along with the launch of the new iPad 2017 . And this will probably happen in March or April.
Here are some of the new features of the new beta of iOS 10.3:
  • Functionality Search My AirPods.
  • Reduce Motion Compatibility in Safari.
  • New Security section in the Settings application.
  • The Podcasts app now has its own Widget.
  • New system to allow developers to respond to reviews on the App Store.
  • CarPlay has quick access to the last three applications used.
  • Access to the album of songs in Music in CarPlay.
  • Map weather information has 3D Touch functions.
  • IOS 10.3 uses a new file system (APFS).
Then we shared a series of screen shots taken by the guys at 9to5Mac IOS 10.3 for iPhone:
¿What do you think about iOS 10.3? Do you think he'll finally have a Theater Mode? Have you downloaded this new beta on your iPhone or iPad? Share your experience in the comments and social networks.

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