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Saturday, February 11, 2017

IOS 10.3 will prevent apps from constantly asking for reviews and reviews

You are sitting on the couch, eating some delicious fries, drinking a good refreshment, and playing your favorite game on your iPad. After an exciting 10 minutes of fun, you're about to get over that longed-for level when suddenly ... BAM! Skip a popup: "Do you want to rate our app on the App Store?" . No, of course not. And if you value it will be with a very low score, because these intrusions do not like anyone.
Luckily, Apple is aware of this problem, and will solve it in iOS 10.3. The latest version of the company's mobile operating system is in beta, but it is expected that the final version will be officially released soon.
Among other developments , IOS 10.3 introduced the system APFS files , improved carplay and functionality Search My AirPods . In addition, it is also possible for Apple to present a Theater Mode for video playback on iOS 10.3, and a mini floating iPad keyboard .

Apple will limit the number of requests for reviews and reviews on the App Store

That's right, Apple will limit the number of times an app from the App Store prompts you for reviews or ratings. On the other hand, it is also expected that in iOS 10.3 developers can respond to the reviews of the App Store.
In addition, as MacRumors points out , the company could provide developers with a new method for incorporating review submissions into games and applications.
In fact, Apple has added a new button in the iOS 10.3 beta 2 app that will give users the ability to completely disable in-app review and review requests .
So when you install iOS 10.3 on your iPhone and / or iPad, remember that you can access Settings> iTunes Store and App Store to turn off app review requests.
That yes, this novelty will only have an effect if the developers implement the new system in their applications ... We will continue to inform!

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