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Thursday, February 16, 2017

IOS and Android accounted for 99.6% of the global market

Gartner , a private technology consultant , has issued a report stating that  iOS and Android are "eating" the mobile phone market .

IOS and Android grow, somewhat predictable

In previous editions, Gartner already showed growth and took much of the market. In the last report , the consultancy gives some interesting information.
Apparently the 99.6% of the world smartphones running iOS or Android , leaving almost nothing to rest. Android is the main operating system with 81.7% of the market and iOS with 17.9% , leaving a scarce market for the rest with a 0.4% share. Windows Mobile stays with 0.3% and 0.1% for "other" operating systems and BlackBerry only with a rounding error (0% according to this statistic).
In terms of units sold, during the last quarter of 2016  sold 352 million units with Android and 77 million iPhone , leaving for the rest (Windows Mobile, Blackberry and other SO) just over 1.8 million units.

Apple beats Samsung, by small difference

Samsung is ahead against other competitors with Android  uperando Huawei  on the list, with 17.8% market share for South Korea, compared to 9.5% of the Chinese giant Huawei.
During previous periods, Apple saw how its dominant position in the market was surpassed by Samsung. In this latest report, it seems that the thing is again more even, with a small advantage for Apple.
In the last quarter,  Apple managed to beat Samsung in 256 thousand units  gaining 0.1% more market share.

How is the market expected in the coming months?

This is difficult to estimate , and depends on innumerable factors. 
Gartner, who has extensive consulting experience, had submitted a report  back in 2013, with a forecast for the next few years. In the same, iOS devices sold during that 2013 were surpassed by Windows Mobile in 60 million units. The consultant estimated a growth in that difference for 2017 , something that clearly has no prospect of happening.
As we see, the battle between iOS and Android continues to speak . And so it seems they will be alone in this fight, being a clear "duopoly" in the smartphone market.

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