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Thursday, February 2, 2017

IPhone 6 Plus fires in Florida at midnight

From Florida we get some worrying news. Apparently, in the middle of the night, an iPhone 6 Plus started to burn.

An iPhone 6 Plus burns in the middle of the night

The news was spotted on the local newscast in Palm Harbor, Florida. One couple explained that in the middle of the night their iPhone 6 Plus started to burn while they slept. The news may have gotten worse, but luckily they woke up to avoid the disaster.
"My face was very close to the phone and when it started to burn I woke up. My husband Kyle used a shirt to quench the flames. If I had not woken up in time the curtains could have begun to burn. "  He said the affected.
The phone woman had two and a half years old . There have not been too many cases of this kind, so Apple has been surprised.
Coincidentally another owner of the same phone model, who also lives in the same street stated that his iPhone has not come to blaze, but that his battery is swollen.

The answer from Apple

Above, the iPhone 6 Plus calcined. Down, iPhone with puffy battery
An Apple spokesman said he was grateful that they had brought the affected phone to their Apple Store. "We have already referred the case to a higher department for investigation ,  he said.
Similarly, Apple has provided a replacement of the affected phone , not without charge a deposit of $ 750 which will be returned once return the defective iPhone.
We remind you that you should not sleep with your phone while charging in bed . Better safe than sorry, in this case. The room should be well ventilated to avoid the accumulation of heat.
Supporters see if the battery of your iPhone, is the model that is, you should immediately go to an Apple Store or by telephone to report the problem and claim a replacement battery.
Finally we leave the complete video of this news so that you can see better the state in which the phone has been burned, as well as the appearance of the iPhone with the swollen battery.

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