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Thursday, February 16, 2017

IPhone futures could notify us of invisible screen damage

An iPhone is probably for many one of the best smartphones that exist in the world , not to say directly that is the best, and that makes them cost quite a high economic amount, so when our device falls to the ground and is done A scratch usually hurts us even in the soul , needless to say if the blow receives the screen, and this is broken. Sometimes the screen suffers blows that at first sight did not cause damage, but in fact they have generated fissures as small as a hair that we are not able to see. Apple would be working on a technology that would allow our device to detect such damages and notify them , so we can be careful in the future. Here all the details.

Apple wants the iPhone to notify us if it has damage to the screen by small ones

Damage to the screen due to crashes, impacts and other sudden shocks is a nightmare for many users of a Smartphone, and especially if it is an iPhone with how expensive they are. Apple is working on a technology that can help users determine when a device is cracked , perhaps invisible fractures the size of a hair.
The patent has been described in Apple's application as "Coverglass Fracture Detection," the proposed system uses an extensive network of sensors and software to detect the formation of cracks, or potential cracks, in a protective screen cover.

The goal of Apple is to help its users to prevent cracks from becoming more difficult to fix

The invention presented by Cupertino's uses tactile sensors already incorporated in display devices to detect cracks , since such cracks are also likely to separate portions of the active matrix substrate. Alternatively, piezoelectric actuators may be positioned below the cover and send vibrations directed to various portions of the screen. Cracks, chips and other defects can be detected depending on the vibrational response.

It should be noted that the detection system is , in some cases, able to discern between cracks and cracking, as well as fracture depth , length, width and propagation speed. According to Apple, the detection system is activated when motion, proximity and orientation sensors detect a sudden deceleration indicative of a fall.
What do you think of this new technology, will be useful for users? Your opinion is important to us.

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