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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Is it worth an iPhone 6s Plus in 2017?

A direct and clear question about the iPhone 6s Plus, in which I will not go with half-tones and that probably can like more or less, but it is an opinion based on the experience as well as the expectations that I generate Apple , a A company that, since getting hooked on what we would today call the company's prehistory, with its iPhone 4, has only made it earn whole for me, because its products offer simplicity, speed and efficiency . I do not want more, I want things to work.
And all this reflection is not lost or lost on what I want to raise, but is the basis of what I am responding, today, about this question, is it worth an iPhone 6s Plus in 2017? My answer is emphatic, yes.

An iPhone 6s is, today, a perfect machine and at an economic price

This device, which was introduced just over a year and 6 months ago, remains an extraordinary machine , with excellent performance and possibilities hardly matchable by most of the competition. I would venture to say that only the high-end mobile phones of the major competing companies, such as those of Samsung or Huawei, manage to be the level , now, of this machine. And all at a price that continues to make it affordable and interesting.

I shot the pool, earlier an iPhone 6s Plus than an iPhone 7

You're right, it's a risky statement, but I'm going to defend it.  The iPhone 7 is an evolution in certain aspects of the iPhone 6s, and if we compare the Plus version of the 6s with the "normal" version of the 7, probably the differences in performance and operation of the device are in some cases, Vital battery (very important for me at least) continues to gain the Plus version of the 6s in front of 7. Biggest words is to face the iPhone 6s Plus with version 7 Plus, obviously here if you notice a qualitative and even qualitative jump, but its prohibitive price , And the possibility of a breakthrough with the iPhone 8, make me demeanor for staying with the iPhone 6s Plus.

The camera continues to maintain the type and being at the height of the largest

It is clear that the iPhone 7 Plus has built a camera that makes an extraordinary jump , is not comparable because here we can see that the Cupertino put the chestnuts on the grill, but if it is true that the 6s Plus lives up to the standards Cameras of competitors recently presented , and in some cases, manages to pass over its quality.
In summary, for efficiency, quality, power of the camera, and because it only has a year and a half of antiquity and better price, the iPhone 6s Plus is a safe bet , for most fans of the apple (and what follows Going over many recently introduced Android devices).

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