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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Jimmy Iovine Clarifies Next Apple Music Lineup

Jimmy Iovine, who works at Apple Music side by side with Eddy Cue, Dr. Dre, Trent Reznor and Larry Jackson has done an extensive interview on everything that encompasses Apple's music service.
Jimmy has negotiated many deals as the streaming service and has been a key member of Apple .
"Apple, of all global technology companies, was the one who understood why artists do things" , Iovine said.

Apple Music News

Since the service began, Apple Music has grown to 20 million subscribers , 10 of these obtained in 2016. This growth is because Apple has focused first on the exclusive and now video .
Apple will add original content to Apple Music in the form of two programs, one based on the Carpool Karaoke series, starring Dr.Dre.
Iovine did not give too many details, but said the company goal is to make music from Apple,  "a cultural point of reference" . All this should not be compared to Netflix, since they are totally different content.

Apple Music and Direct Competition

In the interview they asked if he sees Apple Music as a way to compete with Netflix as far as original content is concerned, to which Iovine replied the following.
 "I would not say so. When I read that, or when I read that we are taking whoever I want, I say no. For me it's all one thing. It is from Apple Music, and happens to have video and audio. ... It has nothing to do with what Netflix is ​​doing. "
Given the subject of exclusive content and the conflict between Apple and two of its direct competitors and record, Iovine said that Apple is "simply experiencing " . His work with Apple has not caused problems with former colleagues within the music business, despite the exclusive content.
"I do not lean too much on exclusivity. We did it, we're going to do something else, but we're just experimenting, I just know that if something feels good and someone wants it, we're willing to do it, to help them market their record. "

The business of streaming music

According commented Jimmy Iovine, the key to the continued success of Apple in the music industry is an ability to " speak the two languages " , referring to the harmonization of technology and music.
He thinks there is room in the industry music streaming for many companies, as long as " streaming done right ." Yes, they all have the same catalog ," he said. But what we're doing is we're just building on top of that. That's where the personality and feeling are. "
If you want to read the whole interview  where other issues such as childhood, his early work, his relationship with Dr. Dre, Beats Radio 1, etc, can do so in treated Variety from here .

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