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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

John Solomon, a top Apple executive resigns from his post

A senior Apple executive has just stepped down. I'm talking about John Solomon.

Who is John Solomon?

Let's start at the beginning. Who is this person? Who is John Solomon?
This is a senior executive of the company in the Big Apple. And what was he dealing with? His job was to manage sales to large businesses and government . In addition, it is also in charge of negotiating with these companies and the government. Thus, Solomon was heavily involved in alliances like Apple with the great IBM , or Apple with Cisco .
John Solomon became part of the lines of Apple in 2015 . And what did you do before that? As expected, this was already a known in the business. Before having his post at Apple, and was an executive from HP (Hewlett-Packard) also charged with similar topics.

John Solomon resigns from his post at Apple

Well, now that we know to some extent the protagonist of this article, let us proceed to explain the news. According to US media  Reuters , John Solomon has just resigned the same day today from his post at Apple.
According to the media, the impact of this resignation on the company is not yet known. What must be emphasized is the significant commitment of Apple to work towards large companies . In fact, at a conference Tim Cook said: "This is not a hobby" ( "This is not a hobby" in English). But ... to what extent was Solomon responsible for Apple's actions in this area?
Still we do not know the consequences of this, but soon know, and hopefully not cause any major problems. For now, Apple seems to prefer to be oblivious to all this. Thus, although Apple has confirmed the departure of John of the Cupertino company, they have decided to say no comment about it .

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