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Thursday, February 9, 2017

KGI explains the process that would raise the price of the iPhone of 2017

We have more information related to the iPhone 8, X or the iPhone of 2017 as the name is not confirmed yet. KGI has released a new report in which explains that the new models of iPhone that will see the light this 2017 will have wireless load, that is to say, the size will not be problem to have an iPhone with capacity to be loaded wirelessly. KGI has put a big question on the subject, and we remember that the iPhone will no longer be manufactured in aluminum. The cost could be raised due to the sensor that makes the 3D Touch function possible.

The iPhone of 2017 may be the best iPhone designed so far, but also the most expensive

The inclusion of wireless charging will be a new adventure for Apple. Ming-Chi Kuo (could not be another) explains that this component causes more heat in the device. Apple will have to include a layer of graphite that protects the sensor from the 3D Touch (Taptic Engine). The graphite sheet will be attached to the sensor so that it is not exposed to the heat emitted by the possible wireless load. 
As for the glass body, it is said to be less efficient than aluminum to dissipate heat and this would also produce a gradual increase in the internal temperature of the iPhone. The changes in temperature can not be perceived, changes that have to be made to avoid these problems will be costly for Apple, both in money and for suppliers, who are facing something totally new.

The iPhone of the thousand dollars , fault of the wireless load and the 3D Touch?

KGI reports that the total cost of the module where the sensor will be housed for the 3D Touch function will cost between 30 and 50 percent more than it currently stands . This increase could be reflected in the final price of the iPhone, a price that given the current economic trends could come true.
IPhone 8 concept
In their report indicate that they will be three new iPhone during this year. They believe that two of the updates belong to the "iPhone 7s" and the other model will be the premium device with OLED screen and a new design, the acclaimed "iPhone 8".
It will be interesting to see how Apple handles the features and functions of the new devices badges, since the iPhone from its exit is the product that more profits has left to those of Cupertino.
What do you think about this new KGI report? Will the iPhone be more expensive due to its complex assembly process? Share your opinions in the comment box.

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