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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Latest 5 Cydia Tweaks


Compatible with iOS 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

This is a developer library for overriding link destinations - for example, to redirect opening a YouTube link in Safari to a 3rd-party YouTube app.
Documentation can be found at the package's GitHub repo
No icons are added to the home screen. There are no screenshots.
Configure options from Settings


This package contains common code shared by packages by HASHBANG Productions.
Developers can use APIs provided by this package - documentation is available here..
No screenshots, and no options to configure. This is a developer-use item.

• Fix a crash when opening settings pages on iOS 6.
• Adds the ability to manually type in a value for sliders – tap the number on the right of the slider.
• Uses the in-app Safari browser for web link buttons.

For developers:
• Adds HBPackageTableCell, which displays a package’s icon and opens Cydia when tapped.
• Adds HBRespringController, a convenience class for restarting SpringBoard “the right way”.
• Adds support to HBPreferences for processes that are blocked from reading preferences outside of their sandbox.
• Adds a basic defaults utility, similar to the one in macOS, for reading and writing preferences from the command line.

Compatible with iOS 9 and 10

Hide messages in messages app and WhatsApp (per contact ) when you unlock the phone with a custom passcode.

-Contacts Selection
-Automatically hide SMS/iMessage/WhatsApp of selected contacts.
-No badges or notification from hidden contacts.
-You can have 2 passcode: Original passcode will show all the contacts messages, and the Custom passcode will hide the selected contact messages.

Working with WhatsApp version 2.17.3

Configure options from Settings.
No screenshots for this item.

Price $1.99

TypeStatus 2 (iOS 7 – 10)

Compatible with iOS 7, 8, 9 and 10

Ever wish you could tell when someone else is typing an iMessage to you, or reading an iMessage you’ve sent, from where ever you are? With TypeStatus, now you can. The contact’s name will be shown on your device’s status bar, regardless of where you are in iOS. You can also use a simple status bar icon instead.

TypeStatus also allows you to enable or disable typing and read receipt notifications being sent to individual contacts. To access these settings, tap “Details” from your conversation in the Messages app.

Looking for more features, including support for more messaging apps, smartwatch integration, and Notification Center integration? Check out TypeStatus Plus!

For iOS 5 and 6, install TypeStatus 1 instead.


Compatible with iOS 8, 9 and 10, and Mi Band 2.

MiNotifier2 is a tweak that enhances the functionality of Mi Band 2 smart bracelet.

MiNotifier2 provides the following features:
- Configurable Heart Rate (HR) measurements: Single/Periodic/Continuous. Periodic mode is useful for daily tracking of your HR. The interval is configurable. Continuous mode measures your HR up to 30 per minute and it's useful for sport activities.

- Two connection modes: On Demand/Always. "On demand" mode will establish connection towards the band only when it is required (notification received/periodic HR measurement). Connected mode will keep the Bluetooth connection constantly active. This mode removes notification delays and enables full potential of "Remote Control" functionality. Note that this mode results in higher battery usage.

- "Remote Control" feature allows you to remotely control your iPhone. With the button on your Mi Band 2 you can answer/reject/hang up a phone call, snooze/dismiss iOS alarm, control your music player (play/skip track/previous track).

- Configurable notification icons: You can customize notification icon on your band for each application. You can choose among 15 predefined icons.

- "Do Not Annoy" mode that will make your band vibrate only for the first received notification within selected time period. While the timer is active, no notifications will be forwarded to Mi Band 2. There are two "Do Not Annoy" modes. First mode (App mode) filters notifications within a specific app. Second mode (App & Sender mode) filters notifications per notification sender for a certain app. It's useful for chat applications like WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger … This way only continuous messages from the same sender will be filtered out during the selected timeout period.

- “Move Reminder” feature will warn you to take a walk if it detects you have been inactive for the configured time period.

Configure options from Settings.

Price $2.49

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