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Friday, February 3, 2017

LG solves the bug in its Ultrafine 5K screens

The screens LG Ultrafine 5K are recommended by Apple . According to the Cupertino company, this is the best choice for those new MacBook Pro users who need a screen 5K Thunderbolt 3 .
Well, earlier this week I mentioned one problem affecting these screens . In case you do not remember, it was that when a router was near one of these screens (less than 2 meters away to be exact), the interference produced . Such interference rendered useless the screen . Even the MacBook Pro which is connected can also be affected and frozen .
Of course, it should be remembered that this problem only happens in the 5K version. The 4K version seems to be free of these problems .
LG UltraFine 5K Monitor

The solution they give to the problems of the LG Ultrafine 5K

LG has announced has announced that this is not a problem of software, but hardware . In this way, to solve the problems will have to make physical repairs on the monitors. In addition, also it announced the recommendation not have a WiFi router within 2 feet (0.61 meters) from the screen.
And that is the "solution"? No, leaving this answer would have been fatal for both companies. Instead, LG added that the units sold from February will come with an extra insulation . This would solve the problem, which is caused by bad insulation of the circuits, and therefore, are affected by the electromagnetic waves of the WiFi router.
Problems router LG Ultrafine 5K
And what about those who already have purchased one of these LG Ultrafine 5K? Any of them, LG invited to if they have problems ride to the service . There, the relevant repairs will be carried out to better isolate the circuitry of the screen.


As we can see, LG has responded appropriately. Although Apple has not said anything , which in part should do as the monitors are recommended.
Also, remember that Apple is offering a 25% discount on these Ultrafine 5K . In this way, we try to encourage people to make the transition from USB-A and Thunderbolt 1/2, to USB-C and Thunderbolt 3.
What do you think? Have they responded well? Do you have a screen of these? Have you been affected by this problem?

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