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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Manufacturers of Apple TV 4 accessories will have access to TVOS features

With TVOS 10 the Apple TV 4 has improved significantly. Now, accessory developers can deploy their products in their system functions.

TvOS 10 and its improvements for the Apple TV 4

Within 10 TVOS update includes the improvement of Siri , incorporating HomeKit, practical obscurely and being able to use our iPhone as a remote control thanks to the Remote app .
Some of its functions have not been too appointees, including some publicly have not been documented, but for developers of accessories have been made available to them so that they can implement in their accessories.
When we acquired a command, for example, when connecting to the system we had to install the necessary drivers or apps manually. With these new features, the MFI accessories would automatically when you connect for the first time.
This way we would not have to find the required application on our own, but tvOS would suggest installing the dedicated hardware automatically.

Configuration of accessories via WI-FI and much more

Another interesting feature is the fact of being able to share the configuration of the wireless accessories via Wi-Fi without having to manually select the network to the right and enter the options. This option is already available on devices with iOS.
Application notifications may also be incorporated as in iOS, but this time with the accessories. These notifications may include changes to device status, current language, and the time and date that a device has been connected.
As for accessibility , VoiceOver and Touch Assistance also will be improved. When connecting an accessory, the audio interface of the Apple TV can help users who do not see what is happening on the screen.

Seen in MFI documentation

These new functions have been able to see and verify in the documentation MFI that Apple has facilitated to the companies that develop accessories. All this will take time to manufacturers, but when implemented, Apple guarantees that they will be fully functional in the system.
Apple only thinks about making things simpler for the user, and is getting it little by little.

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