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Thursday, February 16, 2017

McDonald's launches a new ad as a parody imitating Jony Ive

The world's most famous fast food company has created a "very Apple" ad, parodying Jony Ive with her presentations. We're talking about McDonald's, I do not think there's anyone in the world who does not know about this franchise.

McDonald's and your new ad

In his latest ad has created something to which we are quite accustomed when we see the presentations of Apple in their Keynote. The way in which Jony Ive creates the presentations is already something very particular and recognizable.
Well, at McDonald's it has occurred to us to imitate these presentations to make us know one of his new products, in this case, a straw.
But it's not a straw, man. With it you will not have the problem of not being able to taste the top of your drink, as with the cream, for example, since it incorporates a couple of holes more so that you enjoy your smoothie in all its splendor.
Next we would like you to visualize the ad so you can follow us better.

A very Apple aesthetic

Parody and Jony Ive Images
Everyone who has seen an Apple Keynote knows how Jony Ive expresses, and the importance they give to the design and presentation of a product.
McDonald's has parodied Jony Ive using Jeffrey Roy , named "person with British accent", giving a nod to the accent that characterizes Ive.
They have used with much emphasis certain words that Jony Ive usually say a lot in their presentations, like for example " magical " or " revolutionary ", phrases that abound in the Apple Keynotes.
We still do not know how Apple will respond to this announcement, but many brand users may not seem to be a way to advertise at the expense of the ways or ways that others do. What is clear is that with this move, the fast food company will get millions of visits to check the similarity they have created.
Things have to be taken with humor, and that's what McDonald's has ordered. And now it's up to you, what did you think of this ad? Do you see it appropriate?

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