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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Meet Spotty, the app with which you can listen to Spotify with your Apple Watch

If you are a Spotify Premium user and also have an Apple Watch will have seen that there is still no official application of this streaming music service for watchOS. Apple Watch's first two years of life are nearing completion, but the smartwatch continues to have major gaps in watchOS apps.
In the absence of an official Spotify app for the Apple Watch, the developer and student Andrew Chang has decided to launch its own application called Spotty . This is a free third-party app that allows Spotify Premium users to sync the playlists and albums you want to play them offline from the Apple Watch.
Spotty, the Spotify app on the Apple Watch.
You see, Spotty will have two great advantages because not only will Spotify to your fingertips through the Apple Watch, because it allows offline playback can leave your iPhone at home while you go to train enjoying your favorite music. Want to know more about Spotty for Apple Watch?

Spotty, the app that takes Spotify to your wrist through the Apple Watch

Spotty is an amazing app that works with all models of Apple Watch , both first - generation and current Series 1 and Series 2. In the following video you can see a small demonstration of Spotty.

Obviously the first thing you have to do is download Spotty on your iPhone through the App Store. Once done and matching the Apple Watch with the smartphone you should open Spotty and give him permission to use his Premium account of Spotify.
Then you will see that all your playlists and albums that you have stored on your Spotify Premium account appear in the interface Spotty . Now you must decide what you want to display on the Apple Watch, and you can choose which lists and albums your Spotify want to synchronize in Spotty to listen offline later from the watch.
Spotty, the Spotify app on the Apple Watch.
Synchronization is a two-part process. On the one hand, once you move the switch to activate the sync songs from the album or playlist are cached and processed by Spotty . Subsequently, after a song is processed, it is transferred through the Bluetooth connection to Apple Watch.
Once the synchronization process is complete you will be prompted to launch the Spotty application on Apple Watch to confirm that all songs have been successfully transferred.Spotty not need many requirements beyond a login to Spotify Premium valid for at least 30 days to keep synchronized playlists on the Apple Watch.
Spotty, the Spotify app on the Apple Watch.
Another feature of Spotty is that it offers the ability to sync music to normal, high or extreme quality . Of course, depending on the quality you will have to wait more or less at the time of transferring the music to your Apple Watch through Bluetooth.
Once the synchronization of the lists and albums of Spotify is finished you can put your Apple Watch in offline mode through a switch within the Spotty app. So you can listen to all your music offline and synchronized without having the iPhone near you , so it is perfect to go out and do sports, for example.
Spotty, the Spotify app on the Apple Watch.
On the other hand, I must say that Spotty allows you to play music through Bluetooth headphones or through the built - in speaker Apple Watch . So you just have to choose how you prefer to enjoy a good time of music.
Spotty has three essential modes of reproduction, on the one hand is the mode tethered , which lets you use the Apple Watch as a remote control for iPhone Spotty . This mode allows the user to have autonomy in the Watch for practically all day.
Spotty, the Spotify app on the Apple Watch.
The offline low power mode lets you play music synchronized regardless of an iPhone , but uses the audio system on and off gesture controls offering up to 6 hours of battery life. Finally there is the offline mode workout , a mode for offline which handles audio Spotty training, gestures are enabled and training is tracked automatically . This mode promises up to 3 hours of battery life at full charge.
The Spotty app on iPhone has a configuration button located in the upper right corner of the screen where you can modify several things to your liking. In addition, you can select the type of training in which you will work and this will be recorded correctly on your Health app .
Spotty, the Spotify app on the Apple Watch.
Finally, say Spotty can start training even through Siri on the iPhone . You can then leave the iPhone at home and go out and perform your physical activity.
Spotty is still in beta and still has things to improve, but the developer is working to release the final version very soon , which will be completely free. What more could you want?
What do you think of Spotty as a tool to listen to your favorite music from Spotify on Apple Watch? Do you plan to download it when it is available in the App Store? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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