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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Microsoft Office will be compatible with the Touch Bar

Without a doubt, the launch of the new range of MacBook Pro was a major change in the conception of the notebook by nature. The famous Touch Bar was a great shower of criticism, although fortunately there were great compliments and congratulations to the great innovation that had carried out the Californian firm.
For those who do not know, the Touch Bar is a touch bar whose main function is to access certain functions via shortcuts.
On this day, we have known that Microsoft Office is compatible with that Touch Bar . Thus, with the integration of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook we can increase the functionality as well as the possibilities through the latest addition in notebooks Californians.

What will allow us to do this compatibility?

First, through Excel have easier to access options formulas while using PowerPoint , the Touch Bar will be able to display a set of slides, at the same time allow us navigation and manipulation of different presentations.
With the almighty Word , through our Touch Bar we can access the focus option. In this way, we can hide those options that we do not want to see. In addition, we will also have access to the most commonly used formatting options, as well as certain paragraph styles.

It is recalled that this recent integration currently is in Beta , so you are likely to find some mistakes or minor faults. However, it will be available to all users very soon. Definitely great news for those who use the Office in our day to day. How about this Office compatibility with the new MacBook Pro?

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