Sunday, February 12, 2017

Offer! Get the Apple Magic Mouse 2 for only 69 euros

If you are thinking of buying a mouse for your MacBook Pro or iMac, this is an opportunity you can not miss: get the Apple Magic Mouse 2 for only 69 euros on the Amazon website with free shipping , 20 euros less than its price Usual of the official web of Apple.
It is clear that if you are an intensive gamer, maybe not for you, is not that it is especially ergonomic or quiet, nor is the cheapest mouse on the market, but without a doubt this is a top range with a significant discount and has Very interesting features .
Buy Now Apple Magic Mouse 2
As with any other offer on the Jeff Bezos platform, we do not know how long this attractive offer lasts , so if you were considering the option of trying a Mac mouse, this is the time to make the leap and forget the traditional mouse.
With the Apple Magic Mouse 2 you will enjoy a mouse that is understood with great success with your Apple computer. It goes without saying that the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is wireless using Bluetooth, but it is more, with it you can forget the batteries for life, because it is rechargeable via Lightning. Besides its autonomy is spectacular: two hours of load will allow you to use the mouse for weeks . Amazing!
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The Apple Magic 2 mouse is lighter - thanks to not using batteries - and minimalist if possible, having gained more stability compared to the previous version, which translates into a greater smoothness of movement. But like the Touchpad of Apple computers, the Apple Magic 2 features a Multi-Touch surface that allows you to use Apple's multiple gestures to enhance the user experience in Mac OS X.
Of course, Magic Mouse 2 is Plug & Play, so once you get it out of the box, it will automatically connect to your Mac computer.
Buy Now Apple Magic Mouse 2
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