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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

One Night, the campaign of the iPhone 7 to piano rhythm in this new video

If there is something that they care especially since Apple are their advertising campaigns. It is obvious that there are tastes for everything, but the advertisements of Cupertino are usually elegant, well made and try to hook, from what we see, but also from what we hear. And the latter is fundamental in the last campaign have launched bite of the apple to promote the iPhone 7 with 'One Night', an announcement to the rhythm of piano . All the details below.

The piano marks the new video of the iPhone 7 with One Night

Apple has shared a new photo in the new announcement of the iPhone 7 that highlights the images taken by photographers around the world. The announcement is titled "One Night" and is set on a jazz piano track, reaching 1 minute in length. The new ad focuses on pictures taken on the same night in 15 cities in 6 different continents . This video shows images taken by 16 different photographers. The images are wide in what they show. Some are portraits, while there are also time - lapse videos and showing things like the busy city life or fireworks.

16 photographers, 15 cities, 6 continents, One night

The new ad uses the song Snowfall of Ahmad Jamal Trio . Apple's iPhone campaign has been a great success for the company. It has appeared in print and television media as well as in posters all over the world. Apple has rewarded photographers listed in the series with a book of physical photos , while some have been recognized with awards from various institutions as well. A new twist of the Cupertino, involving its users in the construction of its image.
What do you think the new announcement of the iPhone 7? We would love to hear your opinion on this.

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