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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Our iPhone will alert you to screen damage imperceptible to us

Apple in its constant technological update works to offer an experience without equal with each of its devices and this includes, that even the smallest detail is not a problem. According to a patent issued Thursday by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, called "Coverglass Fracture Detection," Apple would be working on an integrated network of sensors and software that can detect cracking on a cover of IPhone protective screen.
Apple is exploring the technology that can detect when an iPhone screen has been damaged and alert the user early, even if the break is a very thin crack; This would allow the company to come up with better design solutions in the future.

Alerts for invisible damage on the iPhone screen

As shown in appleinsider the invention is described as being able to distinguish between cracks and thinner cracks, as well as the possibility of measuring the depth of the fracture, length, width and speed of expansion, with proximity sensors and orientation also recruited In the system to detect falls. User notifications can include the location of the damage area to the screen, as well as alerts on auxiliary damage to internal components caused by the impact.
Charge iphone 4
Measures to confirm damage to the screen will prompt the user to confirm the location of the cracks on the screen by surrounding the area with his finger. The diagnostic information is then analyzed to generate a timeline of events that have produced the crack, which may be useful during the repair work. Subsequent data can also be used by Apple to understand how and when cracks occur more commonly, allowing designers to create screens that are more resistant to breakage.

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