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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Outlook for iOS integrates with third-party applications

Microsoft has announced that it will launch add-ins for Outlook on the iOS platform, integrating third-party applications.

Outlook will integrate third-party applications into your iOS application

With the integration of third-party applications, Outlook will give new functionality to our inbox on our iPhone and iPad. Some of the employees who will be integrated in Outlook are Evernote, Gifhy, Nimble, Trello and SmartSheet , among others.
These add-ons bring integrated social intelligence, project management and much more directly into the inbox of your iPhone. Very useful, no doubt.
From today, the ons for Dynamics 365, Nimble, Evernote, SmartSheet and GIPHY are available for Outlook iOS, thereby adding to the list of add- ons already available in Outlook on Windows, Mac and the web.
In addition, new add-ins are being released for Trello and Microsoft Translator through the application on iOS, Windows, Mac and the web since today.
Imagine how comfortable it can be to be able to translate an email from the iOS application thanks to the integrated Microsoft Translator tool. Something that will be very useful for all those who use the app.
For now, this is what Microsoft has integrated, but not soon see other add- ons available when writing and answering email . For example, the dedicated Evernote plug-in allows users to save e-mail clips directly to the project laptop, as we already saw in their Mac desktop version.

News after the update

New Outlook
In his version 2.10.0 , the company has added several applications to the inbox, integrating them .
Through email we can move a mail directly to a card Trello, save any note in Evernote , translate your mails by Microsoft Translator in record time and more. All these new features can be seen by those users of Office 365, and soon will reach the users of Outlook.com
To enable these new features, go to the app Settings → Add-ons → '+'.
If you do not use the application, from this link you can download it and try these new features. What do you think the news? Useful, is not it?

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