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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pioneer Introduces New Rayz Line of Lightning Headphones

Pioneer launches a new in-ear headphones with the peculiarity that its connector is Lightning and not 3.5 mm jack . Great news for iPhone 7 users.

Apple and goodbye to the 3.5mm jack

Apple decided to remove its usual 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7, something that not everyone felt good. It is noteworthy that I am a faithful follower of the headphones that includes Apple on their iPhone. I think they sound great and its price is much more than acceptable and affordable.
In many cases, users of the iPhone 7 choose to buy the wireless headsets that Apple brought to market a few months ago, the AirPods, to leave their only port free in case you need to charge it, for example.
The long wait in the stock availability in stores and on the Apple website, makes users end up being slightly desperate .
If you prefer cable earphones, since the AirPods do not give you much confidence, watch out for this news that may interest you.

Rayz: What's new from Pioneer

Pioneer today launched its new Rayz and Rayz Plus headphones, two headphones with a Lightning jack.
Built-in charging port
The Plus model has a really interesting quirk , and is that it includes a built-in Lightning port that allows the user to be able to charge his iPhone while he is using them. Pioneer says it is the first handset to include a charging port .
Thanks to this exclusive feature of the Plus model, many users will see covered the need to be able to charge the mobile while listening to music .
The features that share both models are many and very interesting. Then we tell you.

Self-detecting ear

Like Apple's AirPods, Pioneer's Rayzs feature this very useful technology. If you are listening to music and you remove one of the headphones, playback will stop instantly .
It is really useful because many times we miss part of a conversation by having to look for the pause button, or we forget that we have the music on leaving the headphones removed.


The Rayz incorporate Avnera  LightX technology, which makes their consumption really reduced when it is used.

Noise Cancellation

Cancellation of noise through your app
Another interesting point is that, from its dedicated application, you can configure the headphones to activate or deactivate the noise cancellation of the surrounding environment.
This mode is smart because by a study of the user's ear, and according to the ambient noise, it will be configured for a better sound quality. In addition, by including HearThru√§  technology , isolation with the exterior will not be complete, as it can be dangerous when walking down the street, for example.

Programmable button

You can program your programmable button
Apart from the multimedia control buttons that we are already more than accustomed to, Pioneer has included a fourth button which you can configure as you want.
This is a shortcut button to the application of your choice. For example, pressing this button will open the Music application if you wish.
No doubt there are headphones that carry certain advantages over the EarPods Lightning that includes Apple. Its price is 95 € in the Rayz version, and 142 €, more or less, for the model Rayz Plus.
The available colors will be black Onyx and white Ice for the normal model, and for the Plus model in bronze and metallic graphite.
From this video you will see a preview of how these headphones are.
As soon as they are available in Spain we will notify you.
What do you think of this alternative on the part of Pioneer? Interesting, right?

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