Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pokémon GO to real-time combat between trainers

Fans of Pokémon GO have been waiting for real-time combat from the beginning, and John Hanke has finally spoken about it.
According to the website of MacRumors , we can soon have an update in which we can engage in fighting against other trainers and We can exchange Pokémon. Although these changes are likely to occur in a staggered fashion.
The omission of these two great features , which every coach wants, at the time of launch were due to problems with the company's servers. Hanke revealed that if the company had not been so busy keeping up with the online servers, at least one of those features could have been in the first version of Pokémon GO.
Jonh Hanke recently gave an interview to  Waypoint ,  stating that they were thinking of including these features soon.
These include Pokémon exchange and player-versus-player battles. They are on the way, says Hanke, who adds that if the servers had not been so limited in the launch, at least one of them would have been possible as well a gym combat system, which complements what they feel is a "rudimentary "Version of the game they imagined.
According to Hanke, having the opportunity to play a Pokémon game in the West was a big problem for Niantic.
 It's kind of like when the big studio picks up the indie director, you know, to make the next Avengers movie or something, "says Hanke. "And, of course, you feel lucky."
Coaches who continue to play Pokémon GO have declined, but there is still a large majority that plays every day.
"It's going to be done soon," says Hanke"It is what it is. I'm going to take the massive wave of hysteria that we enjoyed, and coupled with the fact that it took us a little longer to get the rest of the features. We are very happy to make our users happy. "
We will continue waiting, and for my part until I see it, I do not believe it. How much more do you think they will keep us waiting? Leave us your answer in the comments.
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