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Friday, February 17, 2017

Reactions will hit Skype in an upcoming update

Lately we are seeing how instant messaging applications are being updated more frequently, since they have started to add new features so as not to become obsolete and it seems that Skype was not going to be less.

Skype launches beta version with necessary improvements

The instant messaging platform, comes with major improvements, specifically have announced that they will have four new features. These features are available for Skype beta tester , ie for all those users who are registered to receive the betas of the application. This beta is available for both Android and iOS.
The four new features that are in phase beta would be: reactions in the calls, integrated camera, reactions of messenger and a panel of search. Here's a quick look at these features.

New Features of Skype

Reactions on call: This new feature gives us the ability to add emoticons, texts or photos in real time in our video call, either in video group or individual calls. Something similar to what happens with the instant messaging service Line.
Integrated camera: With this function we will be able to capture moments to later incorporate emoticons, stickers or annotations, and bring this already modified photograph to the chat conversation itself.
Messaging Reactions: It is a graphical way of giving answers to chat conversations, something similar to what happens with Facebook in publications, but Skype is specific to the conversations.
Search panel: This feature makes it easy to find and share links, news, videos, etc ... without having to leave the application to share them with family and friends that we have added on Skype
It should be recalled that, these enhancements are available for beta testers from the Android and iOS platform. To download it can do it from Google Play, and for iOS should apply to become Skype Insider, and if they are selected will be warned by an email where they can access the trial version of Skype.
Do you think this update was necessary for a long time? Do you usually use this messaging application? Leave us your comments.

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